Cyber Security Concept and Awareness

Cyber Security Concept and Awareness

  • 課程介紹



    The implementation of information security protection and the cultivation of correct protection concepts among all employees are critical foundations for information security management in enterprises. The concept of information security should not be limited to professionals in the field of information security or information operations. With the advent of digital transformation, users of various information services have become accustomed to using application systems, digital devices, and network services. Cultivating correct concepts and preventing them from becoming vulnerabilities in the enterprise's information security protection network can effectively enhance the effectiveness of promoting information security management within the enterprise.

  • 課程目標

    ● To establish basic concepts of information security.
    ● To understand information security threats and their risks.
    ● To recognize personnel and physical security control measures.
    ● To strengthen awareness of computer configuration security settings.

  • 課程大綱

    ● Concepts and Principles of Cyber Security
    ● Cyber Attack Cases
    ● Cyber Security Code of Practice
    ● Importance of Staff Training and Education
    ● Vender and Third-Party Management
    ● Insider Threat
    ● Best Practices for Cyber Security

  • 參加對象

    ● General staffs / users
    ● Individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge about cyber security 

  • 基礎能力

    ● No prerequisite is required.