Personal Data Protection Guidelines

Personal Data Protection Guidelines

  • 課程介紹



    Personal data protection is a key factor that businesses must follow in their operations. This course explains the risks associated with personal data breaches through case studies and reports and explores issues related to the misuse of personal data by businesses or governments. It also introduces international standards and mechanisms for protecting personal data, as well as practical measures to prevent data breaches.

    This course aims to help participants understand the impact of personal data breaches and strengthen their personal data protection strategies and prevention measures.

  • 課程目標

    ● To understand the impact of personal data breaches
    ● To strengthen personal data protection measures

  • 課程大綱

    ● Introduction to the Personal Data Protection Act
    ● Enforcement Rules of the Personal Data Protection Act
    ● Case Study on Sanctions of Violating Personal Data Legislation
    ● Personal Data Protection Practices
    ● Report a Personal Data Breach

  • 參加對象

    ● General staffs / users
    ● Individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge about cyber security 
    ● Personal Data Protection Officer / Administrator

  • 基礎能力

    ● No prerequisite is required.