Social Engineering Awareness Training

Social Engineering Awareness Training

  • 課程介紹



    When hackers move beyond targeting firewalls or other corporate defense mechanisms to instead focus on inexperienced users of information services or devices, employees, customers, or partners become vulnerable, making it crucial to enhance personal security awareness. This course reinforces awareness of social engineering prevention through safe behaviors, secure configurations, and self-awareness, thereby reducing the likelihood of students falling victim to fraud

  • 課程目標

    ● To gain an understanding of social engineering and its associated risks
    ● To strengthen awareness of how to prevent social engineering attacks
    ● To enhance personal knowledge of information security protection

  • 課程大綱

    ● Overview of Social Engineering Trends
    ● Common Social Engineering Attacks
    ● Recent Case Studies
    ● Insight of Phishing Emails
    ● How to Protect Yourself from Attacks

  • 參加對象

    ● General staffs / users
    ● Individuals who are interested in gaining knowledge about cyber security 

  • 基礎能力

    ● No prerequisite is required.