Cyber Security Governance:Strategic Thinking and Practice

Cyber Security Governance:Strategic Thinking and Practice

  • 課程介紹



    Cybersecurity governance is essential for organizations because it provides a structured framework and set of policies to manage and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats and data breaches. Strategic thinking is essential to its success, as it ensures that cybersecurity measures are aligned with the organization's goals, priorities, and risks, leading to a more robust and effective cybersecurity strategy.
    This course provides an overview of cyber security governance and strategical thinking and explain why they are so important to organizations. It further provides high level guidance to organization to establish their cyber security governance frameworks.

  • 課程目標

    ● To understand threats and risks in cyber security.
    ● To understand what cyber security governance is and why it is so important to organizations.
    ● To understand how strategical thinking improves cyber security governance framework.
    ● To understand key steps to establish cyber security governance framework for an organization.

  • 課程大綱

    ● Introduction to Cyber Security Governance
    ● Understanding Threats and Risks
    ● Cyber Security Governance for Organizations
    ● Strategic Thinking in Cyber Security
    ● Practical Steps for Organizations
    ● Key Challenges and Future Trends
    ● Conclusion and Key Takeaways

  • 參加對象

    ● Top management level and board members
    ● Information Security Managers
    ● Information Technology managers

  • 基礎能力

    ● No prerequisite is required.